Embracing Change

Our goal is to learn to greet life with gusto and value all it brings to us, whether changes are tragic or humorous. We will learn that Embracing Change means mustering the courage to deal with life's little surprises with grace and with gratitude and will discover that while not all change "looks good" at first blush, that ultimately all of life's transformations are geared toward moving us forward on our spiritual path. Clinical research and data supporting the therapeutic value of embracing change help the participant reach this goal.

Embracing Change: A Continuum, A Choice, An Obstacle Course
Although the word Change is widely used, there are many other words that convey aspects of this tendency: transformation, growth, evolution, alter, adjust, amend, modify, shift, vary, revolutionize. Clarification is established regarding what embracing change is and what embracing change is not.

Embracing Change: A Path to Health
By choosing Embracing Change, we are choosing to interpret crisis as an opportunity for growth -- and we learn there can never be too many opportunities for growth in our lives, no matter how challenging they may be! On this path, we accept that whether we like it or not, life will call on us - with increasing frequency - to rise up and shake hands with change.

The Embracing Change Journey:
The steps and milestones involved in embracing change toward self and others is explored during the embracing change journey. At the conclusion of this journey, each participant should have a clear understanding that embracing change is vital to health. Specific guidelines provided throughout enable the participant to integrate new embracing change behaviors in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.
The season when to come, and when to go, To sing, or cease to sing, we never know. -- Alexander Pope
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. -- Joseph Campbell
Opportunities multiply as they are seized. -- Sun Tzu