Our goal is to enhance our belief in, and our experience with, the healing miracles of faith. We will learn that faith is not just something to be experienced through religious observance, but it is our personal connection to Our Creator, or to what we may describe as "the unknown force of the universe." We will also come to see that not only can we choose faith, every moment of our lives, but that we already do! Clinical research and data supporting the therapeutic value of faith help the participant reach this goal.

Faith: A continuum, A Choice, An Obstacle Course
Although the word Faith is widely used, there are many other words that convey aspects of this tendency: Trust, belief, certainty, hope, conviction, firmness, sureness, reliance, assurance, confidence, expectation. Clarification is established regarding what faith is and what faith is not.

Faith: A Path to Health
In choosing Faith, we seek to understand and trust the ups and downs we encounter in our lives on a daily basis. At the deepest level, it is our faith that opens the doors to all of life's grand or small divine happenings. Conversely, lack of faith can fuel negativity, despair, depression and anxiety. Faith is knowing and trusting, deep inside, that God has a greater plan for us than what we are currently experiencing. In our imagination, we visualize ourselves leaning on His broad shoulders because we know that He will not fall over!! Faith teaches us patience that something better is in store for us. Scripture teaches us in Hebrews that “it is impossible to please God without faith.”

On our Path of Faith, we greet an unfathomable source of power that cannot be ignored. We begin to understand the awe of miracles and come to know that miracles are not the exception, but the rule of our every day experiences.

The Faith Journey:
The steps and milestones involved in faith are explored during the faith journey. At the conclusion of this journey, each participant should have a clear understanding that faith is vital to health. Specific guidelines provided throughout enable the participant to integrate new faith behaviors in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.
God has delegated himself to a million deputies. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Faith and doubt both are needed --not as antagonists, but working side by side-- to take us around the unknown curve. -- Lillian Smith
People see God every day; they just don't recognize Him. -- Pearl Bailey