Whether we pray in a church, or while driving on a freeway, it doesn't matter (as long as we keep our eyes open in the latter instance!). What does matter, and brings the greatest reward, is our conscious intention to reach out to our Creator and to offer our gratitude for being heard.

Our goal is to enhance our spiritual fitness as we learn how the power of prayer impacts our health and wellness. Clinical research and data supporting the therapeutic value of prayer helps the participant reach this goal.

Prayer: A Continuum, A Choice, An Obstacle Course
Although the word Prayer is widely used, there are many other words that convey aspects of this tendency: Entreaty, petition, request, wish, appeal, plea, thanks-giving, adoration, hope, call. Clarification is established regarding what prayer is and what prayer is not.

Prayer: A Path to Health
On this path, we begin to understand the awesome potential for growth, evolution and optimum health available to us through the power of prayer. We understand that what may look like an unanswered prayer, in time, may reveal itself as an answered one. In gratitude, we understand that we are worthy and are ready to receive what we are asking for as we consciously create a state of receptivity of our highest good and the highest good of others. We prepare ourselves to co-create our lives and our experiences through the power of prayer.

The Prayer Journey:
The steps and milestones in praying for self and for others are explored during the Prayer Journey. At the conclusion of this journey, each participant should have a clear understanding that prayer is vital to health. Specific guidelines provided throughout enable the participant in incorporating prayer in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.
No man ever prayed heartily without learning something.-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
A single Grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.-- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
When life knocks you to your knees-- well that's the best position in which to pray, isn't it? -- Ethel Barrymore