In Memory Of Granddaddy Pete

Joanne McCulloch’s much beloved grand-father and inspiration for the vision she brings you in My Button-Eyed Spiritual Flock was a button maker devoted to his craft for over seventy years. Joanne and her maternal grandfather had an affectionate, tender relationship. She was Honey; he was Granddaddy Pete. He taught her, among other things, to love and care for animals, so it was only fitting that one day in early November, 1998, she stopped to rescue a one-eyed cat that she thought was abandoned. As it turned out, she found the owner and immediately realized that this little one-eyed kitty was truly a messenger telling her she needed to “pay close attention to the eyes” of the animals she wanted to design that would connect the twelve qualities she felt essential for spiritual health. All that was needed was a central theme which she had been searching for, but had been unable to find.

On November 17, 1998, Joanne was remembering her Grandfather’s birthday, and read aloud the 23rd Psalm from his memorial obituary always kept beside his picture on her desk. Realizing just how much he embodied the twelve qualities she was seeking to relate to the mind-body-spirit connection, she dedicated the “as yet unknown animals” to her grandfather as a spiritual birthday gift, and wrote a poignant dedication to him. In the early hours of the next morning, Joanne awoke abruptly from a dream of a shepherd wearing a coat of many colors surrounded by lambs. She felt her grandfather’s presence as she realized his return gift to her – the answer to her long sought-after theme – a shepherd tending a flock of lambs! As she started putting emotionally inspired thoughts to paper, much to her surprise that little one-eyed kitty crossed in front of her mind. She shook her head, looked upward and said, “Granddaddy Pete, what do you think about all this?” Immediately, she felt a gentle pressure on her shoulder and heard an inner voice reply, “Honey, I think we’d better use buttons for their eyes!”

And so in the predawn hours of November 18, 1998, in a moment of total bliss amongst a flood of grateful, joyful tears, My Button-Eyed Spiritual Flock® was born.



Ethel and Pete Miller

Ethel & Peter Miller
Joanne's Beloved Maternal Grandparents