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Joanne McCullochAbout Joanne McCulloch, BSN, RN

Joanne McCulloch, RN, BSN, is committed to influencing global health by sharing her vision and concept expressed through My Button-Eyed Spiritual Flock® and the Circle of Positive Tendencies. She is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Her postgraduate studies concentrated on mental health and social work at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. From 1982-1994, specializing in mental health, she practiced clinical nursing in major US hospitals and in England. Her professional experience also includes administration of corporate health care services. In 1997 she was a member of a 25 Holistic Nurse Delegation to India that "turned out to be my own private spiritual journey".

Joanne traveled to Israel with a Christian group to tour the Holy Land in the fall of 2009. It was a dream come true for her and she describes the experience as “for this was I born. People have always asked me ‘what is the most exciting thing you have ever done?’ I would reply, ‘I haven’t done it yet.’ Now I can truthfully answer that question by replying, ‘my trip to the Holy Land in 2009. I will never, ever be the same.’”

Joanne is a living example of the power of the mind, body and spirit in her own health and wellness and speaks from personal experience as an active proponent of holistic health and fitness of the body, mind and spirit -- a concept now strongly advocated by modern medicine. It was her dedication to fitness on all levels that led her to design the lambs, with the intention of empowering others to live healthier lives. "I believe that spiritual fitness drives every other aspect of our lives, particularly our health and well being," she says. As a member of the Holistic Nurses Association, Joanne remains at the forefront of holistic nursing and medicine. She brings a strong professional back-ground, and soul mission as a healer, to her work as an entrepreneur and flock steward. The powerful healing message she puts forth through the Lambs is: Be the shepherd of your own health and achieve optimal health and wellness by tending to the quality of your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and relationships. When you tend to all those aspects, you are tending to all aspects of yourself.

My Button-Eyed Spiritual FlockAbout The Lambs

My Button-Eyed Spiritual Flock are adorable, precious, colourful and cuddly. But the 12 little collectible plush lambs that comprise the flock are more than just toys. They are spiritual messengers bringing a powerful, non-denominational message of healing for all people. The lambs, and the "The Circle of Positive Tendencies" they represent, are a spiritual model for well-being designed by creator and "Flock Steward" Joanne McCulloch, RN, BSN. The Lambs are each created in a different energizing pastel color with their individual posture reflecting the tendency they are representing.

The different tendencies include Discipline, Embracing Change, Faith, Forgiveness, Laughter & Playfulness, Love, Nurturing Relationships, Overcoming Loss, Prayer, Self-Worth, Serenity, and Tolerance. Each has an embroidered collar that says "My Circle Is Forever Unbroken," symbolizing the importance of living within the Circle of 12 Positive Tendencies. Attached to the collar is a little heart-shaped bow tie with the Lamb's tendency embroidered on it. On the back of the bow tie is a tiny, embroidered lamb's face that melts everyone's heart.