Our Message
In choosing to forgive, we seek to eliminate ill will. We choose something other than revenge toward someone we hold accountable for committing hurtful, harmful acts. Forgiveness is a priceless gift, because it liberates us from the self-imposed bondage of the past. To forgive allows us to become the architect of our freedom. It adds a positive dimension to how we experience life in general and to how healthy we are in particular.
In following the path of prayer, we open our lives to the grace of God. Each of us prays in our own way, whether we call it prayer or not. On this path, we begin to understand the awesome potential for growth, evolution and optimum health available to us through the power of prayer.
Nurturing Relationships
In choosing Nurturing Relationships we are committing to nurturing our self and everyone and everything else around us. To travel this path is to know our self and others and to express and experience the true nature of every relationship, which is to heal and support life and growth.
In choosing to Love, we seek to expand our hearts, our horizons, and our health. Love liberates us from the effects of all that is unloving. To love allows us to stand firmly in our convictions as we open our hearts and open our lives to healthy risks that will enhance our growth. Love puts a smile on our face, a joyous feeling in our heart, a skip in our step and a rosy hue on our cheeks. Nothing feels better than being in the moment with this thing called love!

In choosing Self-Worth we are choosing to enhance our experience of life by living from a place of self-honoring and self-appreciation. This means we will create healthy boundaries and win respect from those around us by demonstrating great respect for ourselves. As we learn to appreciate ourselves more fully we will learn not only to fully value ourselves, but others as well.

In following the path of discipline we choose order over chaos, calm over anxiety, and self-empowerment over self-sabotage. A disciplined approach to life means taking responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, behaviors, actions to build the future we choose.
Embracing Change
By choosing Embracing Change, we are choosing to interpret crisis as an opportunity for growth -- and we are learning that there can never be too many opportunities for growth in our lives, no matter how challenging they may be!
In choosing tolerance toward our brothers and sisters around the world, we choose unity and peace rather than separation and pain. This choice unites us with each other and also honors and recognizes our spirit of oneness.
Laughter & Playfulness
In choosing Laughter & Playfulness we are choosing to live life more fully by engaging in fun activities with a sense of passion! We opt to focus on the positive and the healthy side of life that can be accessed through experiences with mirth, laughter, pleasure and joy.
In choosing Faith, we seek to understand and trust the ups and downs we encounter in our lives on a daily basis. At the deepest level, it is our faith that opens the doors to all of life's grand or small divine happenings. Conversely, lack of faith can fuel negativity, despair, depression and anxiety. Faith is knowing and trusting, deep inside, that God has a greater plan for us than what we are currently experiencing. In our imagination, we visualize ourselves leaning on His broad shoulders because we know that He will not fall over!! Faith teaches us patience that something better is in store for us. Scripture teaches us in Hebrews that “it is impossible to please God without faith.”
Overcoming Loss
By choosing Overcoming Loss, we are choosing to look loss squarely in the eye and then, ultimately, assimilate it into our lives and move on; and we are choosing to appreciate the truest value of all we have, by understanding it is not permanent nor ours to keep forever.
In choosing Serenity, we seek to discover authentic inner peace. Serenity saves us from the ravaging imbalances of modern life and the debilitating effects of being caught off guard by life's unexpected challenges and difficult moments. Serenity allows us to connect with our true inner divine nature and to handle life with a welcomed sense of dignity and grace.